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SNF and ExFab Characterization and Testing Equipment

The SNF and ExFab facilities provide characterization equipment that is used for fabrication process development and analysis as well as some electrical device characterization.

Characterization and Testing Equipment Summary

Processing Techniques Equipment Cleanliness Substrate Size Notes
Characterization micromanipulator6000 IV-CV probe station (micromanipulator6000) All
Ellipsometry Woollam (woollam) All
Microscopy Keyence Digital Microscope VHX-6000 (keyence) All
Reflectometry Nanospec 210XP (nanospec2) All

Manual Film Thickness Measurement. Single or dual layer transparent films > 300 Å

Optical Profilometer, Interferometry Sensofar S-neox (s-neox) All

non contact 3D optical profiling

Step Profile Tencor P2 Profilometer (p2) Clean, Semiclean

Step height measurement range 500 Å to 80 µm

Step Profile Alphastep 500 Profilometer (alphastep) Flexible

500Å to 300µm

Sheet Resistance Measurement Prometrix Resistivity Mapping System (prometrix) All

3 Probe Heads for different cleanliness groups.

Film Stress Measurement Flexus 2320 Stress Tester (stresstest) All
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) AFM-Asylum (afm-asylum) Flexible
Dynamic Light Scattering Malvern Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Zetasizer (malvern-dls) Flexible
Characterization Jasco UV-Vis-NIR (jasco-uv-vis-nir) Flexible
Characterization CytoViva HSI (cytoviva) Flexible
Reflectometry Nanospec 3 (nanospec3) All
Sheet Resistance Measurement LEI1500 Contactless Sheet Resistance Mapping (eddycurrent) All
Characterization SPF Measurement Bench ()
Reflectometry Reflectance Spectrometer Filmetrics F40 (filmetrics) All
Sheet Resistance Measurement, Hall measurement Lakeshore Hall Measurement System (LakeshoreHall) All
Last modified: 30 Apr 2020