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Lab User Guide

Welcome to the new SNF User Guide!  This is a work-in-progress, to replace our old, so very slow wiki. We are redesigning things as we go but our goal remains the same: a community web resource for fabrication in general as well as details about working in our lab. 

Each piece of equipment still has it's own page full of useful info, and if you are not sure which type or piece of equipment you need, we created some more curated ways to go about scoping out projects by processing techniquesSome other new features that we are excited about include being able to search for tools based on materials you would like to use, links from equipment pages to cool projects that have been done using that equipment (and vice versa), and each tool page has a training section to help make it clear how to get started using it. 

Contributors are welcome - if you would like to contribute, please contact a staffer!

Last modified: 5 Jun 2020