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Step Profile

Equipment name & Badger ID Location Image Overview Link to Training
Alphastep 500 Profilometer
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 104 Stinson

The Tencor Alphastep 500 is a stylus-based surface profiler to measure step heights of surfaces. A stylus is placed in contact with, and then gently dragged along the surface of...Read more

Alphastep 500 Profilometer Training
Tencor P2 Profilometer
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107
The Tencor P2 Long Scan Profiler is a surface profiler that measures step heights. Pieces to 8 inch wafers Stepheight 500 Å to 80µm Scan length 0.01 mm to 210 mm. Stylus Radius 12.5 µm Read more Tencor P2 Profilometer Training