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Sheet Resistance Measurement

Sheet resistance is a common electrical property used to characterize thin films of conducting and semiconducting materials. It is a measure of the lateral resistance through a thin square of material, and it is independent of the size of the square.

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Lakeshore Hall Measurement System
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 151 Ocean
The Lakeshore 8404 Hall measurement tool is installed in Allen 151 at SNF and we have demonstrated the functionality by AlGaN/GaN HEMT, diamond and 2D material samples. The capability of this tool:
  • Ideal
...Read more
Lakeshore Hall Measurement System training
LEI1500 Contactless Sheet Resistance Mapping
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 151 Ocean

The LEI1500 Eddy current system measures sheet conductance (mhos/square) as a proportional DC voltage, before and after moving the sample under the sensing coil with magnetic field. This allows contactless measurement of...Read more

LEI1500 Contactless Sheet Resistance Mapping Training
Prometrix Resistivity Mapping System
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107

The Prometrix OmniMap Model RS35e Resistivity Mapping System collects and analyzes sheet resistance data on various conductive layers such as implants, diffusions, epi, metals and bulk substrates. The system provides...Read more

Prometrix Training