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Equipment name & Badger ID Location Image Overview Link to Training
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 151 Ocean
Asylum AFM

Asylum AFM MFP-3D is a fully-featured atomic force microscopy system. It can accommodate a variety of small-to-medium size samples that do not exceed ~5-6 mm in height. The microscope is...Read more

AFM-Asylum Training
Alphastep 500 Profilometer
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107

The Tencor Alphastep 500 is a stylus-based surface profiler to measure step heights of surfaces. A stylus is placed in contact with, and then gently dragged along the surface of...Read more

Alphastep 500 Profilometer Training
Bruker Dimension ICON AFM Dimension ICON is one of the most popular modern AFMs on the market, highly appreciated by industry and academics alike. It is Bruker’s flagship AFM instrument, compatible with all modes...Read more Bruker Dimension ICON AFM Training
Digital Instruments AFM Nanoscope Dimension 3000
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 104 Stinson

Digital Instruments AFM Nanoscope Dimension 3000: * Atomic Force and scanning tunneling scanning modes: contact, tapping, non-contact, liftmode, force modulation, lateral force microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, phase imaging, scanning capacitance,...Read more

Digital Instruments AFM Nanoscope Dimension 3000 Training
Park XE-70
[Photo: Park AFM]
Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) generally refers to a set of surface characterization techniques that utilize micro-machined cantilever probes with sharp tips to scan the sample surface.  Since its inception in...Read more Park XE-70 Training
Sensofar S-neox
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107
Sensofar S-neox

The S-neox system from Sensofar is a 3D optical profiler combining confocal, interferometry, and focus variation techniques in the same sensor head without any moving parts. It is ideal for...Read more

Sensofar S-neox Training
Tencor P2 Profilometer
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107
The Tencor P2 Long Scan Profiler is a surface profiler that measures step heights. Pieces to 8 inch wafers Stepheight 500 Å to 80µm Scan length 0.01 mm to 210 mm. Stylus Radius 12.5 µm Read more Tencor P2 Profilometer Training