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Hydrogen (H2) Annealing

Hydrogen (H2) Annealing is high temperature (600 to 1200c), high flow H2 (5 to 40 liters/minute) ambiant process to clean the oxide from a silicon wafer or to smooth the physical shape of a silicon structure on a wafer. 

The temperture, gas flow and reduced pressure that this process requires can be met in an Epitaxial (Epi) reactor.

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Equipment name & Badger ID Image Cleanliness Cleaning Required Gases Substrate Size Process Temperature Range Maximum Load (number of wafers) Notes
Applied Materials Centura Epi2  tool in SNF
Clean Pre-Diffusion Clean
600 °C - 1200 °C

N and P doping available- intrinsic to 5E19 Operating pressure range is 5-300Torr