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Plasma Therm Versaline LL ICP Deep Silicon Etcher (PT-DSE)


photo of PT-DSE in SNF Cleanroom
PT-DSE is an ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) etch system configured for Si etches using Bosch process.

Capabilities and Specifications

Process Temperature Range: 
Maximum Load: 

Single wafer; Bosch process for Si etching; Default 4" config; Can be converted to 6" config; pieces need to be attached to carrier wafer; need a support wafer for through wafer etching, can be used for Isotropic Si Etching

Lab Organization, Location, and Badger Information

Badger Area: 
SNF: Dry Etching
Badger ID: 

Training and Maintenance

Lab Facility: 
Training Charges: 
1.50 hours
Primary Trainer: 
Backup Trainer(s): 
Primary Maintenance: 
Backup Maintenance: 

Steps to become a tool user

  1. Become a member of SNF.
  1. Check the training calendar to for any scheduled training: .
  2. Contact the primary trainer, , to sign up for the training or to schedule a training if none is scheduled.
  3. Complete the quiz on equipment operations.  Attend the training to get qualified.