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Glovebox-r (glovebox-r)


Photo of glovebox-r

A custom-built, dual-chamber N2 glovebox for sample preparation and spin-coating at reduced oxygen and moisture content. The right one presently has a transfer station and dual hot-plate/stirrer setup with stands for supporting glassware. Custom setups may be accommodated, with prior approval from staff.


Processing Technique(s)

Capabilities and Specifications

Lab Organization, Location, and Badger Information

Lab Organization: 
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nSiL: 155 Mavericks
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Training and Maintenance

Lab Facility: 
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Steps to become a tool user

  1. Become a member of SNF.
  1. Study the relevant operating procedures:
  2. Contact the primary trainer: Saeed Nejad

This is the side of the glovebox with the transfer station.

Operating Instructions