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Mechanical deformation of self-assembled inverse structures

Project Type: 
March 2020
Areas of Interest: 
3D templates for nanostructures, sol-gel processing
Processing Technique (former Function and Method): 
Researchers and (Mentors): 
David Doan, John Kulikowski, (Swaroop Kommera)
List of Important Equipment: 
Nano Nugget(s): 

Highly monodisperse 4 um PMMA spherical particles were assembled in PDMS wells on either a silicon substrate or a glass coverslip. In order to quantify the order of one assembly compared to another, a radial distribution function (RDF) is used.

SOP for using SPR-220 and AZ4620 positive photoresists on Nanoscribe using the oil immersion mode.

 The nanoscribe can be used to create template structures for particle self assembly, and details about inverse opal BCC and FCC structures are described.