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Technical Liaisons

If you are new to SNF, you will need to connect with a Technical Liaison, who will make sure you have the resources you need to get started.   Liaisons can also advise on feasibility, turnaround, and cost as well as recommend other resources available at Stanford and our network partners. If you are joining an existing project, a technical liaison meeting is not required (though always welcome!)


Swaroop Kommera
3D nano printing, Direct write, Electronics device processing, Electronics packaging, MEMS, Nanostructures, Optics, Process integration, Solar
Maurice Stevens
Mary Tang
Biological/chemical analysis, MEMS, Microfluidics
Lavendra Yadav Mandyam
Plasma deposition, MEMS, Etching
Cliff Knollenberg
Etching, MEMS, Optics, Process integration
Last modified: 27 Jan 2022