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Remote Use via Consultants

Consultants are not SNF employees, but are independent contractors who are experienced SNF labmembers in good standing.  If In the cases when a researcher will hire a consultant to perform the work inside the labs, there are a series of steps to be followed.

  1. Find a consultant in the Outside Consultants list.
  2. Review Consultant Guidelines
  3. If this is a NEW SNF project, fill out the Project Form and get signature from SNF Staff Technical Liaison.
  4. Fill out a Lab Membership Form with the labmember's/user's info
  5. For INTERNAL Stanford users, submit the forms to You may skip the rest of the steps.
  6. For EXTERNAL users,
    1. Determine your Labmember Category (Industry, Industry-SBIR, Other Academic)
    2. Create a Purchase Order to establish a PTA (account with Stanford)
    3. Fill out the SNF Agreement form:
      1. For NON-PROFITS, fill out the SNF Service Center Agreement/Not-for-profit form
      2. For INDUSTRIAL users, fill out the SNF Service Center Agreement/For-profit form
    4. Obtain a signature from the consultant on the Exhibit A form from the Service Center Agreement 
    5. All forms should be submitted to
Last modified: 27 Jun 2021