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Internal Labmember

Welcome to SNF!  Here are the steps to joining as an SNF labmember. If you will be hiring a consultant to do the work, please check out the Remote Use Via Consultants page for instructions.

    All new labmembers must meet with one of our Technical Liaisons who can help plan your SNF experience, from onboarding to developing a customized training plan.  Even if you aren't sure about joining the lab, liaisons can help you decide, through discussions of on feasibility, turnaround, and cost, as well as point you to other resources available at Stanford and our network partners. 
    To get started, fill out the online SNF Researcher Access Form.
  3. STANFORD HEALTHCHECK- You will need to be authorized on Healthcheck to work on campus. See current policy for details.
    Submit the appropriate FORMS
    to the email address: 
    Project form:  New projects only, signed by Technical Liaison 
    Labmembership form:   Required of all new labmembers (and current labmembers updating their accounts).
    SNF Agreement form:   Required only if you are performing work for (using a PTA from) a non-Stanford/SLAC PI or organization.
    You must complete the online Safety Training and pass the online SNF Safety Test before taking the SNF Safety Tour.  You can retake the test multiple times until you pass. You must complete the safety test and have all forms completed and submitted before contacting your Technical Liaison to set up building access for a safety tour.  An annual safety refresher may be required to maintain your labmembership.  
    Once confirmed for a Safety Tour, create your new Badger account.  You will need to have ready your Stanford PTA and your 9-digit University ID number, and you must use your Stanford email as your Badger login. You'll be notified once your account is approved. It will not be active until you complete the Safety Training. Once you have been scheduled for a tour, your badge will be active for Allen. AFTER the tour you will have badge access to the appropriate labs.

    NOTE: SNF and SNSF both use Badger but have completely separate instances.
    Contact your Technical Liaison to schedule a lab tour. For those going into the cleanroom, you will be donning a head-to-toe bunnysuit over your regular clothes, so you must wear appropriate attire:
    • light, comfortable clothing (heavy sweaters or long, narrow skirts are not recommended)
    • fully enclosed shoes (no sandals or open-toe shoes)
    • If you wear a brimmed hat or other large headcovering, please be prepared to remove it for the tour
    • If you would like to use your own safety glasses, please bring them. Safety glasses are also provided and are required for entry into any lab space.

If you are returning to use the lab after more than a year's absence, your account will likely have been deactivated.  To reactivate, you will need to update your safety certification and accounting info.  You may contact a technical liaison or simply follow the instructions above and indicate on your Labmembership form that you are reactivating your Badger ID. You may also need to be requalified on some equipment; contact the tool owner to discuss.

If you are a current labmember, but need to make changes to your PTA, refer to the Update Account page for instructions.

Any questions, please contact

Last modified: 8 Oct 2021