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External Labmember

Welcome to SNF!  Here are the detailed steps to become an SNF labmember.

  1. TECHNICAL LIAISON -All new SNF projects must be reviewed with one of our Technical Liaisons  to affirm that we can meet your expectations. Our liaisons can also advise on feasibility, turnaround, and cost as well as recommend other resources available at Stanford and our network partners. If you are joining an existing project, a technical liaison meeting is not required, but always welcomed.

  2. RESEARCHER ACCESS FORM-Please fill out the External Researcher Access form

  3. REMOTE USE - If you have arranged for SNF staff or a consultant to provide processing services, continue with steps 4, 5, and 6.  If you will not be working in the lab yourself, steps 7 and beyond are not required.
  4. LABMEMBER CATEGORY - Your category determines the rate class and agreement stipulations governing your work at SNF. Contact Lab Services if you aren't sure which category to select.

    Industry: Commercial entities.
    Industry-SBIR: Commercial entities with verifiable US Government SBIR award   
    Other Academic: Non-Stanford/SLAC academic institutions, government and non-profit research organizations
  5. PURCHASE ORDER  - A blanket Purchase Order (PO) is required to set up a Stanford Receivables PTA. Refer to the Purchase Order Requirements document for PO amounts and details to setup SNF as a supplier.  This PTA may be used for fees incurred only at SNF.

  6. SUBMIT FORMS to Select the forms appropriate to your Labmember Category.

  7. Project form:   New projects only, signed by Technical Liaison 
    Labmembership form:   Required of all new labmembers (and current labmembers updating their accounts)
    SNF Agreement/For-profit form:   Pages 1-5 are required once for the organization. An Exhibit A form is required for each employee who will be using the lab.
    SNF Agreement/Not-for-profit form:   Pages 1-3 are required once for the organization. An Exhibit A form is required for each employee who will be using the lab.

  8. Obtain/renew a SUNet ID  : Contact to obtain or renew credentials. In order to sponsor you for a SUNet ID, you will need:
    1. Provide your first and last name and full date of birth.
    2. SNF will create a profile for you in Stanford's database.
    3. You will then get an automated email asking you to confirm your information. Please confirm that email.
    4. Once you do, SNF gets prompted to sponsor you for a SUNet ID.
    5. You will get a second automated email so that you can select your own ID. Please confirm that email as well.
    6. Please note that it usually takes 24 hours for your SUNet ID to become fully functional. Sometimes it will work right away, but if it doesn't just wait until the servers refresh overnight and try again the next morning.

  9. STANFORD COVID-19 HYGIENE BEST PRACTICES- You must complete the CoVid-19 training BEFORE coming to campus. You will need to submit a health check before you come to campus each time. You will need your SUNet ID (from step 9) in order to complete this step. This step will not yet give you access to any buildings, but is required to come on campus.  

  10. SAFETY TRAINING – You must complete the online Safety Training and pass the online SNF Safety Test before taking the Lab Safety/Orientation Tour.  You can retake the test multiple times until you pass. You must complete the safety test and have all forms completed and submitted before a tour is scheduled. 
  11. BADGER LOGINOnce confirmed for a Safety Tour, create your new Badger account.  You will need your PTA number, which will either be on your labmembership form (for existing projects) or emailed to you (once Stanford Receiving processes your PO, usually within 5 working days of receipt.)  You must use a valid email as your Badger login. You will be notified once your account is approved.

  12. STANFORD VISITOR CARD – You will need a Stanford Visitor card to enter the building and labs. When you email your your Safety/Orientation confirmation, you can also request a card be either mailed to you or for it to be ready for pickup at your scheduled lab tour.  Please allow 3 working days to prepare a card on your request. There is a fee for the card which will be charged to your account. 

    Contact to schedule. You must wear appropriate attire:
    • light, comfortable clothing (heavy sweaters or long, narrow skirts are not recommended)
    • fully enclosed shoes (no sandals or open-toe shoes)
    • If you wear a brimmed hat or other large headcovering, please be prepared to remove it for the tour.
    • Safety glasses are required for entry into any lab space. They are provided but you may want to bring your own. 

If you are returning to use the lab after more than a year's absence, your account will likely have been deactivated.  To reactivate, you will need to update your safety certification and accounting info.  Follow the instructions above and indicate on your Labmembership form that you are reactivating your Badger ID. You may contact a technical liaison or simply follow the instructions above and indicate on your Labmembership form that you are reactivating your Badger ID. You may also need to be requalified on some equipment; contact the tool owner to discuss.

If you are a current labmember, but your organizational affiliation or PTA has changed refer to the Update Account page for instructions.

Any questions, please contact

Last modified: 4 Mar 2022