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Getting Started in the SNF labs

Before going through the process of joining the lab, we should make sure SNF has the resources you need. We recommend mapping out the steps to fabricating your structures and offer the following resources that will help:

  • Processing Techniques is a place to start if you want to learn about the processing terms and the equipment we have available.
  • Our Equipment Pages list the fabrication tools available at SNF. Each piece of equipment has its own site describing its capabilities and how to get trained.  There are also links to operating procedures and examples of real applications from labmembers.  Equipment can be searched and sorted by purpose, materials, keywords, etc.  Equipment pages are constantly being updated, so if you don't find the info you need, please get in touch!
  • For information about making structures at SNF, we've collected a variety of fabrication project reports, shorter documents called nanonuggets and validated processes and runsheets which may be helpful in getting you started.
  • Process Clinics are a biweekly forum where researchers and staff from both of the nanolabs discuss process integration, tool selection, and troubleshooting. New and prospective members are encouraged to come! Please ask any staffer for the schedule and location or consult the training calendar.

At any time, feel free to contact one of the staff Technical Liasions to discuss your project ideas.  Once you have a plan, you are ready join the lab!

And by the way, if you would like to hire a consultant to help you get started or provide processing services, please check out our Remote Use Via Consultants page.

Last modified: 9 May 2022