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Getting Started in the SNF labs

Before you start filling out the application to join the SNF, you will need to map out the steps you may need to take in order to make your device. This website is currently focused on the SNF tools with some of the SNSF tools also included. For a comprehensive view of the SNSF, please visit their website.

  1. For those new to fabrication, we have a few ways for you to be able to start formulating a plan. On our website we have collected reports from many different fabrication projects, shorter documents called nano nuggets,  and some documented processes and runsheets which may help you brainstorm.
  2. We also hold a meeting called the Process Clinic every two weeks where new and experienced users along with the staff from both of the nanolabs discuss process integration, tool selection, and troubleshooting. New and prospective members are encouraged to come! Please ask any staffer for the schedule and location or consult the training calendar.
  3. Those with lots of fab experience may want to jump straight to our Equipment pages to see if we have the equipment you need that will meet your specifications. In addition to a massive list of all of the equipment in the lab, we have tables of equipment sorted by purposes to help you find what you need. Each piece of equipment in the lab has it's own page that describes the tool capabilities, operating procedures, and how to get trained. There are also links to projects and data collected by labmembers that might be very helpful!

Once you have your plan and you have reviewed it with one of the staff Technical Liasions you are ready to get started on joining the lab!

Last modified: 29 Jul 2020