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Forms Required

There are a number of forms, but we'll work with you to get you set up. The forms required to set up an SNF project will depend on the Labmember Category of the originating entity (not the individual doing the work) and whether this is a new or existing project.  An brief explanation of each of the forms can be found below.  More detail is provided on the forms themselves.  Contact Labmember Services to ensure all forms have been received and are complete. Allow 3 working days to process these forms.

For New Projects:

Internal - Stanford/SLAC:

External - Not-for-Profit:

External - For-Profit:

To Add Labmembers to Existing Projects:

See Update Account for more detail about how to use these forms to change your account info.

Internal - Stanford/SLAC

External - Not-for-Profit

External - For-Profit

Purpose of each form:

Project Form:  New projects require this form (existing SNF projects do not). Organizations new to SNF will require a review with a Technical Liaison to ensure feasibility - namely, does SNF have the resources to meet your project needs? (SNF does not review proposals for scientific merit as presumably your funding agency has already done this!

Labmembership Form:  One for each Labmember, this gives us your contact and billing information -- must be filled out each time there is a change in either of these.

Agreement Form: This states the policies and conditions for doing work at SNF and be on file for every non-Stanford entity, before an external account is issued. The "Service Center Agreement" which must be signed by each external entity; Exhibit A must be signed for each individual doing work for the external entity.


Last modified: 30 Apr 2020