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Clean (MOCVD)

The "Clean (MOCVD)" cleanliness group is part of the SNF/ExFab contamination policy.

The following is a list of equipment that fall into the "Clean (MOCVD)" category.

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Equipment name & Badger ID Training Required & Charges Cleanliness Lab Organization Location Notes
Aixtron MOCVD - III-N system training Clean (MOCVD)
SNF MOCVD Paul G Allen 213XA

N and P doping available.
For Si clean: SC1, SC2, HF dip.
For Sapphire clean: SC1, SC2.
For GaN template on Si or Sapphire: Piranha, SC1, SC2.

Equipment name & Badger ID Technique Cleaning Required Cleanliness Material Thickness Range Materials Lab Supplied Minimum Resolution Objective Separation Process Temperature Range Gases Substrate Size Substrate Type Maximum Load
Special: See Notes Clean (MOCVD)
0 - 5 μm
400 °C - 1300 °C
4"x1, 2"X3, pieces