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nano@stanford Fellowship Projects

nano@stanford (SNF and SNSF) funds current Stanford graduate students for two consecutive quarters (25% GRA per quarter) in developing educational materials. Projects should be focused on supporting new or non-traditional users and the larger lab member community in obtaining background knowledge on instruments, tools, and/or processes.

Project Name Areas of Interest Researchers and (Mentors) Date
Microfluidic Device Fabrication Protocol and Troubleshooting Guide in the Stanford Flexible Cleanroom PDMS, Microfluidics Alison Bick (Tom Carver) 03/2020
Profile of Deposition Techniques at SNF Deposition Samuel Mumford (Maurice Stevens) 03/2020
Electron beam lithography for ultra-low-loss photonic devices and systems Electron Beam Lithography Tim McKenna (Rich Tiberio) 10/2019
Finetech Flipchip Bonder Operating Instructions Flipchip Bonder Pingyu Wang (Usha Raghuram) 09/2019
Diamond Anvil Cell High Pressure XRD Abhinav Parakh (Arturas Vailionis) 08/2019
Nanoscribe Microfluidic Devices at SNF Microfluidics, PDMS Lucas Blauch (Swaroop Kommera) 08/2019
Hydrogel Fabrication in SNF Labs Hydrogels Jasmine Hu (Michelle Rincon) 12/2018
Optomec Manual and Tutorial Videos Optomec Capella Kerst (Swaroop Kommera) 09/2018
Last modified: 28 Apr 2022