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Pro Tips

Stay Up-to-Date

The New Normal is constantly evolving.  Stay up-to-date on policy and rule changes by making sure to read your "snf-labmembers" and "snf-return" emails.  Also, a list of the latest updated/new web pages will appear on the right-side column of the New Normal main site.  And finally, if you have any questions, always feel free to ask fellow labmembers and staffers.

Mobile/Web Badger

With the move of Badger to cloud services, we have a version of Badger that will work on any web browser, including on your phone. The web version has reduced functionality, but allows enable/disable and reservations from any web browser (update 7/2/20- it doesn't seem to work on Chrome).


Who's got reservations?

Reservations for multiple tools can be viewed at the same time.  On the "Reservations" pane of Badger, the default display is "Multiple days per machine view."  You can select the adjacent radio button "Multiple machines per day view" to obtain two very handy sets of information.  The left half of the panel shows all your reservations for the day.  The right half will show reservations for all the equipment that you highlight on the left panel.  You do have to highlight each tool individually, but if, for example, you want to check all the lab Occupancy slots at the same time, it' easy.  The default view will be reservations for the current day, starting at midnight.  To view different days, select "Reservation Actions" from the top menu bar, and then Next or Previous to view reservations for the next or previous days.

Who's in the lab?

Do you want to see who's in the lab (or at least enabled on any tools)?  This is a favorite staff pro-tip. 

- Select "Equipment Status" from the right side pane of Badger. 

- Highlight the menu heading that you are interested in, on the left-side pane.

The Badger logins of everyone enabled on tools under that menu heading will appear, listing the start time of their enabl session.  (In the image, "Chemical Vapor Deposition" is selected, but you can select "Stanford Nanofabrication Facility" for the Cleanroom.

Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are required in most SNF labs.  To simplify and speed up gowning, cleanroom booties on top of shoe covers are now required only when working at corrosives benches.  If you choose not to wear cleanroom booties, you will have a choice of shoe covers under evaluation.  In addition to the blue shoe covers, we now have a couple of variations of white ones which are advertised as non-slip and spill-resistant.  Try them out and let us know what you think. (Please note that the selection and supply of shoe covers are extremely limited as many varieties are used in clinicial settings.)

Suit Legs Too Long?

For some of us height-challenged individuals, the cleanroom booties also served the purpose of keeping the bunnysuit pants legs from dragging on the floor.  If you choose to go boot-less and this is a problem for you, we suggest using our special SNF-branded slap bracelets (available in the stockroom) to secure your pants legs around your ankles.

Lab noise

Noise cancelling, audio passthrough headphone

Under normal conditions, the cleanroom has a lot of ambient noise -- 65.5 dB according to a recent sound survey.  While well below the OSHA & EH&S limit of 85 dB, this makes conversations more challenging with 6' social distancing.  You may have seen many staffers with sound-cancelling headphones for working in the cleanroom.  Newer technologies just keep getting better and more affordable.  What we think might work best in the New Normal Cleanroom is noise cancellation with audio passthrough devices where low frequency ambient noise is minimized, but voices are not block and may even be amplified.  The premium industrial solutions are offered by Sensear, who supply to the construction industry (heavy and pricy, starting at ~$600).  The Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless headphones and earbuds (and just announced WH-1000XM4, shown here) are reportedly the best in the consumer market nowadays (just under $300).   The ZVOX 50 (~$80) has remarkably good noise cancellation at low frequencies, but litt;e/no cancellation at higher frequencies, making conversational voices still muted, but audible against the lack of background noise.  A possible budget solution would be a wired headset in conjunction with the Google Sound Amplifier app.  Other suggestions from audiophiles are welcome!

Foggy Safety Glasses

NexCare Gentle Hold Medical Tape

If your safety glasses are fogging up, you might try taping your face covering to the bridge of your nose.  3M NexCare has a gentle-hold, paper medical tape that is non-latex, hypoallergenic and designed for used on skin.  A word of caution:  it's still pretty sticky and the skin on your face is very sensitive, so take time to remove slowly and carefully.

Last modified: 24 Mar 2022