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Ground Rules

About these Ground Rules

EVERYONE working in SNF acknowledges the following.


Health & Hygiene

  • I will abide by the rules as described in the COVID-19 Hygiene Best Practices course (EHS-2470-WEB)
  • I will wear the appropriate face coverings, when required by Stanford policy.
  • If not vaccinated, I will use the Stanford Health Check Tool before coming to campus each day.
  • If I am feeling sick or unwell, regardless of vaccination status, I will use the Stanford Health Check Tool:
    • If I develop symptoms at work, I will leave work immediately and follow Stanford guidance.
    • I will not come onsite.
    • I will follow guidance provided by the Stanford Health Check Tool.  
    • If I develop symptoms or if I test positive, I will report on Healthcheck in order to activate confidential Contact Tracing.
  • I recognize individuals' right to privacy and will respect others' preferences for social distancing and personal choice to wear a mask.

I will abide by these rules, which are intended to protect my health and the health of those around me.

Building & Lab Access

  • I will key into building and lab entries (no tailgating.)
  • I will not prop open doors to buildings, facilities or labs.
  • I will not let people follow me into keyed areas nor ask me for access.

Authorization for building & lab access is a privilege that extends only to me under these conditions.

Lab Courtesy

  • While no longer required, I will respect the privacy and rights of individuals who continue to wear masks and practice social distancing.
  • Shadowing and training requests must be coordinated with the tool owners.

I acknowledge and will abide by these ground rules.

Last modified: 5 Jul 2021