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Basic PPE for all Labs

In all labs, including Ocean (151) and Capitola (159):

  • your own safety glasses are required (available in the stockroom, along with pouches to store them)
  • gloves are required
  • face covering is optional, but recommended for best lab practices

Cranberry Coats (Venice/155A, Stinson/L106)

In addition to basic PPE for labs:

  • a bouffant
  • shoe covers
  • cleanroom face mask or beard cover over your personal face mask
  • UPDATE (6/3/21): personal cranberry lab coat, kept in a plastic ziplock bag labeled with your name for frequent users only. Frequent users can still sign out a cubby. Casual users can grab a clean/quarantined coat from the rack and put it in a quarantine bin when done. Clean coats in good condition will be quarantined for a week before going back to the rack.  Please see signs at racks for more details.

Blue or Cranberry Coats (Mavericks/155 & the MOCVD Lab)

In addition to basic PPE for labs your personal lab coat is required.  Store in a ziplock bag labeled with your name.

Mavericks (Room 155): Procedures have changed. Please read carefully before entering.

  • Blue coat for any processing or working in fume hoods that contain reactive chemicals (acids, oxidizers, solvents). Contact staff to obtain.
  • Cranberry coat for work with generally inert materials (such as silicone elastomers) or using the parylene coater.


  • Cranberry coat for routine operations. 


In addition to basic PPE:

  • a bouffant
  • shoe covers
  • cleanroom hood
  • cleanroom suit
  • cleanroom booties (required for corrosives benches, rolling ladders for the thermcos, and for those who are going in and out of the service area near the furnaces, but otherwise optional)
  • optional slap bracelets to secure suit legs (if not booties)
  • cleanroom face covering or beard cover over your personal face covering
Last modified: 27 Jun 2021