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Video cameras are installed in areas related to SNF operations:

  • Inside the lab:  in each cleanroom process bay, the satellite labs (ExFab and MOCVD), and the Stockroom.
  • Outside the lab: Receiving area (yard, gates, office); gas vaults; subfab entryways

Video monitoring will be used as follows:

  • Safety:  Live video feed displayed on large screens supports the “buddy system” after hours. 
  • Security:  Areas where hazardous materials and equipment are stored or used are monitored by the video system.
  • Training:  Video cameras in the lab may be used for remote training and educational purposes. 

Use and access:

  • Video is recorded and stored for at least 31 days. No sound is recorded. 
  • Live video feed is not available for remote viewing by the public.
  • Access to remote viewing, recorded images, and cameras control is restricted to Authorized Staff.
  • Authorized Staff is comprised of: SNF staff, Stanford’s Office of Public Safety, and agents designated by Stanford.  Such agents may include local emergency responders.  When the video monitoring system is used for of educational purposes, the designated agents may include program collaborators.
  • Only Authorized Staff may access incidental recorded images and only for the purposes of monitoring or investigating operational concerns in the lab, including issues of safety, equipment or facility problems, compliance with lab or university policy.
  • Authorized Staff will not allow video access to non-Stanford entities for purposes related to their own business operations (such as employee performance.)  Non-Stanford entities must initiate a legal investigation to access these materials.  
  • When recording for educational purposes, it is possible the images may become public.  Therefore:
    • The lab community will be informed of the time and location before recording takes place. 
    • Permission must be obtained from any identifiable individuals who may appear in the recordings.
  • Video monitoring serves Stanford’s interest in maintaining a safe and secure laboratory environment, and may not be used for personal or other non-business purposes.
Last modified: 30 Apr 2020