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SNF Reopens!

5 Jan 2021

Detailed schedule


Dear Labmembers,
And a happy new year to you all.  SNF is open now and we welcome you back.
Just a reminder that COVID-19 policies remain in effect  Given current conditions, they may change at any time, but changes will be reflected in Healthcheck (make sure to do your Healthcheck before each visit to campus!)  
As we said before the break, all of our cleanroom suits went back to the vendor for inventory and cleaning. You will need to sign out a new suit when you come back. The garment storage cubbies have been renumbered and all personal belongings that were left behind (including empty plastic bags) have been moved to the same numbered bin that you signed up for on the clipboard. Please sign up in the new sheets once you have gotten a new suit. 
Check badger for equipment status as not everything has come back up. 
We're also starting the year off with a Process Clinic at 2 pm today - bring your process questions or just drop in to say "hi" -

Your SNF Staff