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Funding opportunity from the Automobile Emissions Research and Technology Fund

7 May 2021
We have been asked to spread the word to Stanford researchers about this funding opportunity. OSR has reviewed and agrees we are eligible. This will likely take the form of a sponsored project contract.
Sponsor: The California Attorney General's Office's Automobile Emissions Research and Technology Fund 
Budget: Up to $2M for a project duration of up to 2 years 
Purpose: to provide access to grants for study, research, development and/or the acquisition of technology in the following areas: 
(1) modeling and monitoring of vehicle emissions and air quality impacts in California; or 
(2) public health and environmental impacts of vehicle emissions in California 
(including without limitation impacts on environmental justice communities, children, and other vulnerable populations). 
Special consideration will be given to projects involving partnerships with environmental justice communities.
Instructions: Please see the attached document for details on the program and make sure to follow all applicable university guidelines and practices as well. (Document posted below)

Call for Applications