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TMAH Protocols

How to use this guide:

  1. Read the ProM procedure and the EHS TMAH fact sheet.
  2. Email your request and receive preapproval from the ProM committee (
  3. Read the TMAH checklist, follow its instructions, fill it out and submit it after the etch.

Administrative Process:

Labmembers may use TMAH as for conventional, anisotropic etching of silicon, but must register their use with the ProM committee. This entitles the labmember to use TMAH for the duration of their project under this PI or organization. When the PI or organization changes, the labmember should re-register. This is accepted as acknowledgement by the PI or organization of this process decision. TMAH users must have a buddy when processing and both must fill out, sign and return the TMAH checklist to the ProM (attached.)

Our obejctives are to ensure:

1. the labmember is aware of the safety hazards and is fully trained in processing with TMAH.

2. due diligence, that other alternatives have been considered.


In addition to regular training on the WBFlexCorr wet bench, the labmember must review the  EHS TMAH Fact sheet on the EH&S reference site and discuss with a staff member.


SNF 25% TMAH Etching at WBFlexCorr PROM Form

Last modified: 18 Mar 2021