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ProM Committee

Overview and Mission

The Process and Materials (ProM) Committee is formed of senior SNF process engineers and volunteer labmembers, with the mission of enabling labmembers to get their work done.  The ProM Committee is responsible for overseeing all labmember processing in the lab, namely:

  • Cleanliness Control:  Standard, documented procedures for materials handling and processing.
  • Process Requests:  New chemicals or materials, non-standard processes.

The two guiding principles when evaluating any process or materials request or policy change are:

  • Safety.  Is there any health or safety risk at this station for the user, the next user, or the staff who maintain/repair it?
  • Consideration for others.  Is there risk to the equipment or the work of others who use this station?

Health/safety/process risks are engineering problems.  Black and white cases are rare; real life is a vast spectrum of grays.  The goal of the ProM is to understand and assess this risk to the lab community as a whole, and to design and implement engineering controls to mitigate gray-area risks.

When to Contact

If standard operating procedures don't seem to cover a particular process you need, please start with a discussion with a staff member.  If it is an out-of-the-ordinary request for SNF, you may be asked to submit a ProM request -- which is really just the start of a dialogue, where we work with you to find a way to meet your fabrication needs, while ensuring the safety and work of you and your fellow labmembers. The ProM committee will review and help you develop your process using our guiding principles for lab procedures.
Last modified: 27 Oct 2020