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Titan TEM Training

Steps to become a tool user

  1. Please contact Roy Kim. Prerequisites for Titan training include completion of Tecnai TEM trainings and proficiency in using the Tecnai (an hour-long driving test on the Tecnai will be given).  Basic Titan training consists of Titan microscope alignments and aberration (image corrector) tuning, which will be completed in two 3-hour sessions and a 2-hour final, plus observations during start-up in your first three sessions with your own samples.
  2. Further training on specific techniques can be requested following basic training, which includes the following: STEM imaging, EELS, Monochromator training (imaging or EELS), Energy-filtered TEM imaging, TEM tomography, STEM tomography, Lorentz imaging, Electron holography, EDS analysis, Environmental TEM: Guidelines on gases and gas pressures available, please contact Roy Kim for more information.The Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford also offers accredited courses on TEM theory and TEM laboratory.