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STS Deep RIE Etcher (stsetch)


photo of stsetch in SNF Cleanroom

This is a ICP (Inductive Charged Plasma) Deep Reactive Ion etcher from Surface Technology Systems. The platform is single-chamber, manual loadlock system. The etch process is based on the patented Laermer and Schlip process, commonly referred to as the Bosch Process. The etch process alternates between the passivating C4F8 plasma and the silicon etching SF6 plasma.


Capabilities and Specifications

Process Temperature Range: 
Maximum Load: 

4" wafers; pieces should be attached to the carrier wafer for etching; need to use the holder assembly for through wafer etching

Lab Organization, Location, and Badger Information

Badger Area: 
SNF: Dry Etching
Badger ID: 

Training and Maintenance

Lab Facility: 
Training Charges: 
1.00 hours
Primary Trainer: 
Backup Trainer(s): 
Primary Maintenance: 
Backup Maintenance: 

Steps to become a tool user

  1. Become a member of SNF.
  1. Check the training calendar to for any scheduled training: .
  2. Contact the primary trainer, , to sign-up for the training.
  3. Read the relevant operating procedures before the training session:
  4. Attend the training session to be qualified.

Operating Instructions