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We are using the grouping of Patterning to describe ways of creating shapes of materials on a sample that don't easily fall into one of our other categories. 

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Equipment name & Badger ID Locationsort ascending Image Overview Link to Training
PDMS Spin Coater
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 155 Mavericks
photo of spincoatg3p8
PDMS Spin Coater Training
Alveole Primo
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 151 Ocean

Alveole Primo allows precise and rapid way to pattern proteins. This tool uses UV laser (375nm) which is used to illuminate your pattern onto the substrate. A photoactive reagent PLPP...Read more

Alveole Primo Training
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 151 Ocean
Voltera Training
Wet Bench Flexible Solvents
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107

The Wet Bench Flexible Solvents is used for manual solvent cleaning of silicon wafers, tweezers, glassware, or any other inert objects such as equipment parts. The bench is equipped with...Read more

Wet Bench Flexible Solvents 1 and 2 Training
Nanoscribe Photonics GT
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 104 Stinson

Nanoscribe Photonics Professional GT is a versatile tool to write 3D micro and nano structures for applications in micro-fluidics, optics, bio-engineering, MEMS structures etc. Almost arbitrary complex 3D shapes (importable...Read more

Nanoscribe Photonics GT Training
Ex Fab Solvent Wet Bench
SNF Exfab Paul G Allen 104 Stinson

Exfab solvent wet bench (wbexfab_solv, wbexfab_plug - badger names) is for wet chemical processing with solvents of standard and non-standard materials (flexible) like glass and standard/non-standard metals for pieces and...Read more

WbExfab_Solv Training