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Aluminum and Titanium and Tungsten Wet Etching

Hydrogen peroxide mixtures are used for etching common CMOS metals like Al, Ti and W.

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Equipment name & Badger ID Location Image Overview Primary Materials Etched Link to Training
Wet Bench CMOS Metal (wbclean3)
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107

This part of the bench (right side) is the Wet Bench CMOS Metal (wbclean3).  It...Read more

Wet Bench CMOS Metal (wbclean3) Training
Wet Bench Flexcorr 1
SNF Cleanroom Paul G Allen L107

The Wet Bench Flexcorr1, part of the Wet Bench 1and2, is a manual wet chemical...Read more

Wet Bench Flexcorr 1and2 and 3and4 Training