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Bruker Dimension ICON AFM ()


Dimension ICON is one of the most popular modern AFMs on the market, highly appreciated by industry and academics alike. It is Bruker’s flagship AFM instrument, compatible with all modes and accessories available from the vendor. Our particular instrument is equipped with the following options/features: Vibration/acoustic isolation enclosure 8 in wafer vacuum chuck, capable of holding a variety of sample shapes and sizes (vacuum immobilizes small coupons without the need for adhesive!) 80um x 80um x 12um XYZ closed loop scanner with less than 15pm (!) Z noise ScanAsyst topography mode with automatic parameter adjustment PeakForce QNM for fast nanomechanical mapping PeakForce TUNA for conductive AFM combined with nanomechanical mapping PeakForce KPFM suite, allowing for variety of KPFM measurement, including amplitude modulated (AM), frequency modulated (FM), and high voltage (HV), in combination with PeakForce or Tapping imaging modes Traditional suite of standard imaging modes, including Contact, Tapping (aka. Non-contact), LFM, PFM, MFM/EFM, etc. The system has been installed and qualified last week and is ready for its first users! It is located in Spilker 007. The training schedule will be similar to other AFMs and will consist of 2 sessions: a group training session (max. 3 people) followed by 1-on-1 qualification session.

Capabilities and Specifications

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Training and Maintenance

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Steps to become a tool user

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  1. The steps to use the Bruker are listed here.

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Operating Instructions