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The SNF Badger server is now in the cloud. If you have a Badger link on your personal computer, you can delete it because it will no longer work.

Here are the new links. (For complete instructions, please visit our webpage about joining the lab.)

First time installation:

Mobile / Web version - reduced functionality, but allows... (click this post's title to read more)

Posted by: 
Michelle Rincon

nano@stanford, in collaboration with Horiba Scientific, will be hosting our 3rd annual AFM/TERS workshop on Friday, April 10th 9:00am - 1:00pm. This will be the first year we're hosting it virtually! You can find out more and sign up for the workshop by clicking here.

Posted by: 
Marcin Walkiewicz

Thank you to labmember Sam Mumford for creating these tool selectors to figure out which deposition tool would work for you! 

Metal deposition tool picker

Dielectric deposition tool picker

Let us know what you think! (and if you would like to contribute to the web site)

Posted by: 
Michelle Rincon
Last modified: 30 Apr 2020